The goals of The Portuguese-American Post-graduate society (PAPS) align well with those of the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), and so it is natural that FLAD supported the development of the new PAPS website.
It is also an honor for me, while President of FLAD, to accept the invitation from PAPS President Silvia Curado, to write some celebratory words.
Founded in 1998, PAPS is non-profit independent organization, without political affiliations, created with the goal of supporting and promoting the students, researchers, and entrepreneurs, either Portuguese or Portuguese-American, that work in the United States.
FLAD, a private and financially independent Portuguese institution, was born in 1985 with the mission of contributing to the development of Portugal, through the strategic and financial support of innovative projects as well as by stimulating cooperation between the Portuguese and American societies.
As FLAD, PAPS aims at being a transatlantic bridge, connecting the United States and Portugal, in a close relationship with Continental Portugal, the Azores, and Madeira.
The Portuguese-American Post-graduate society established a network that connects Portuguese or Portuguese-American graduates, Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders, and post-docs – all working or studying in America, but with their hearts and minds in Portugal. It is fundamental for FLAD to be able to contribute to promoting this exchange of knowledge.
Amongst the initiatives and programs created during our mandate in FLAD, there is the FLAD Life Science 2020, program for example, that gives out two 3-4 year project grants to teams of researchers and scientists working in Portugal to develop a collaborative effort with researchers based in the USA. This year, one of the grants was awarded to a Portuguese scientist working in a project together with a Portuguese-American scientist based in the USA.
It is in the sharing of knowledge that we will find the dialogue of the 21th century. Contributing to approximate Portugal and the USA is a hard endeavour, but one that we have proved to be possible.
We want the Portuguese that live in Portugal to get to know the USA better and better, but also, that the Portuguese-American and even the Americans living in America can be in touch permanently with Portugal.
This is exactly what FLAD tries to do, specifically in the
Luso-American Legislators’ Dialogue, that had its second edition in April 2016, gathering together again 12 Portuguese-American legislators elected in the USA, with Portuguese politicians and governing bodies.
Even more recently in October 2016, as described in the last edition of the FLAD magazine, WE, the dialogue “Decisão 2016” took place, where two of the most influential Portuguese-American politicians in the US, the republican Devin Nunes and the democrat Tony Cabral, discussed democracy in America.
We need to bring together Portugal and the USA even more. FLAD is counting on PAPS so that the shared knowledge on how to make that happen is the greatest possible and the Atlantic ocean margins become closer and closer. PAPS and all Portuguese-Americans can always count on FLAD.
We will be with PAPS always and hope that you all can visit the FLAD website: in english or in portuguese, you are our guests of honor.

Vasco Rato
President of Luso-American Development Foundation