PAPSpeakers New York

February 19, 2016|

Luís Diogo, PhD Is an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Columbia University, where he teaches and does research in Symplectic Topology. This is a recent branch of Geometry that has its roots [...]

PAPSpeakers New York

October 16, 2015|

Artur Ribeiro, PhD Was born in 1969, in Portugal, where he started his career as a writer and director. After graduating from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, he wrote and directed several short-films [...]

PAPSpeakers New York

May 14, 2015|

Miguel Valença Pires, MBA Is a Vice-President in the Investment Banking Division of Deutsche Bank in New York City, which he joined in 2011 and where he advises insurance companies on capital raising, mergers [...]

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