We are delighted to welcome you to the new PAPS (Portuguese American Postgraduate Society) website! The PAPS website got a new and refreshed look, as well as new features. While our look has been uplifted, our mission and core values remain the same!

PAPS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the academic-professional development of the Portuguese and Portuguese-American graduate community in the United States and Canada, as well as to bridge Portugal and North America. Besides supporting the integration of Portuguese graduates in the United States and Canada, PAPS also aims to continuously strengthen its network. This is an invaluable network comprising members from different fields and with the shared experience of studying/working in this continent – including both members who currently live in the United States/Canada and members who have meanwhile moved to a different country.

Having this in mind, our website was designed to integrate two main components:

1) PAPS Website”: provides the opportunity to all – members, prospective members, general public, partners, potential partners, government entities, companies, and others – to learn about PAPS, its structure, and initiatives;

2) PAPS Network”: a digital platform for PAPS members, that allows them to become, and stay, connected – independently of where they live today; this platform allows members to find and interact with other members in an academic-professional context, providing opportunities of collaboration, mentorship or sharing of knowledge; PAPS members also have access to useful resources.

Once a PAPS member forever a PAPS member!
I would like to emphasize that PAPS is “made of” its members – those who currently live in the United States/ Canada and those who have meanwhile left to a different location. The value of PAPS resides in its network and I would therefore like to encourage members who leave, or have left, North America, to continue to update their profiles and stay connected!

We thank our sponsors and partners for their support and commitment to helping PAPS  accomplish its mission of contributing to the development of the Portuguese graduate community and Portugal. We would like to specially thank FLAD (Luso-American Development Foundation) for making this new website possible.

To help PAPS grow, feel free to share this website with colleagues and friends – so that more can learn about PAPS and its benefits, partnerships can be expanded and our network strengthened.
We also look forward to hearing from you regarding comments and suggestions you may have to support our community.

We believe that the new PAPS website will help us better serve the Portuguese graduate community!

Best regards,
Silvia Curado

Silvia Curado, PhD
PAPS | President